Feature Friday: Mitch Gilmore

Every once in a while I am going to do my best to feature a new photographer and give you some insights based on questions that I send them. We all follow amazing photographers on Instagram and other platforms, but it’s always nice to know who is behind the lens. This is also a way for me to highlight people I admire in the photography community that inspire me to push the limits of my own photography. Many of them I have never met before in person, but the common interest we share for taking photos makes us all feel like best friends.

This first feature I decided to do on someone who always amazes me every time I see him post a new shot. He has been featured by GoPro and plenty of other reputable pages. If you don’t already follow him then you should be because you won’t be disappointed. Below are just a few insights into the incredibly talented photographer, Mitch Gilmore.

Name: Mitch Gilmore

Instagram Handle:@mitch_gilmore_

Where are you from?: Gold Coast, Australia.

How did you get started?: Surfing at Byron Bay with my brother. I was getting over the crowds so I kicked my board to shore and decided to take some photos of my bro surfing. After looking at the shots I was hooked and haven’t touched my board since.

What kind of equipment do you use?: I shoot with GoPro Hero 4 Silver, using Polar Pro poles with a Telesin dome.

Who inspires you?: I’m inspired by so many shooters around the world, though the reason I have gone so far with my photography has to be because of mates like @nuthead__@isurfisnap, @nickjonesphotography and @snapair. These boys have been in my ear since the start and have always kept me frothing!

Who is part of your squad?: Haha I regularly shoot with @nickjonesphotography@isurfisnap@nuthead__

Where can we often find you?: Any weekend I can be found in the water of the southern Goldie beaches.

Describe your best day of shooting/riding?: Best day of shooting is any day with no clouds and epic clarity. I froth over clean and clear water, which luckily the Gold Coast provides on a regular basis (if you know where to find it haha).

On a scale of “I wear my wetsuit with the zipper in front and I wax the bottom of my board” to “Kelly Slater”, how much of a kook are you?: I would say I’m a kook now. I haven’t touched my board for years, though I reckon it would be like riding a bike, a couple of stacks and I would figure it all out again.

What do you do for work/school?: For work I manage my parents hairdressing salon. Three years ago my mother had to take a step back from the salon to look after my father who has Parkinson’s disease. I was landscaping at the time and had to decide to make a massive career change, but it has worked out the best for our family and I love my job!

Below are some of Mitch’s photo’s:

Ocean photography
My personal all time favourite. An epic clarity session at Duranbah with @isurfisnap.
@snapair decided to drop the camera and grab the board on a meet up at Duranbah beach. So glad he did because he got me this shot!

Clear water


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